Our Meat

Our team of highly trained and experienced butchers use traditional butchery methods to ensure that you get the tastiest cuts of meat, every time. We source all our beef, lamb, pork, poultry and game from only a small select group of farmers and suppliers whom all go through our strict approval process. We believe in buying British and the closer to home the better.

Our Guarantee

We source our beef, lamb, pork and poultry from a select group of suppliers whom pass through our stringent approval process. We 100% trust that you will always enjoy our products.

Our Lamb from Local Suppliers

We source all of our lamb from British Farms. The exact origin of our lamb varies depending on which of our stores you shop from so please ask in store for details of where the lamb that week has come from. As a rule we always mature our lamb on the bone for 7 days before we cut and trim the joints. This ensures mouth-watering taste and guaranteed tenderness.

Our 28 Day Matured Beef

Our beef is extra special, not just because we carefully source from a select group of farmers and suppliers but because we dry age our beef for 28 days on the bone. Our team of butchers then trim and cut joints and steaks to a very high standard delivering great taste and tenderness.

Our Pork from Local Suppliers

All our pork is either outdoor reared or free range and we only ever buy from British farms. Traditional breeds of pork are full of flavour, ask in store today about where the fresh pork on the counter has been sourced from and our team will be able to tell you and provide some advice.

Our Poultry

We source all of our whole chickens from one farm in Norfolk called Banham Farm, a ‘Red Tractor’ approved supplier. We have worked with Banhams for over 10 years as we think they produce the tastiest chickens. We also stock a Dutch Chicken fillet which, although isn’t English, is of excellent quality and suits the budgets of some households better.

Why Our Meat is so Good

We sell only the highest quality beef, lamb and pork, sourced from local approved suppliers. We pride ourselves on selling only the tastiest cuts that are tender and full of taste every time.

Find out more about our suppliers

If you wish to find out more about our suppliers, click through and we have listed some of the great suppliers we choose to buy from.