Our Kitchen

Our team of Bakers and Chefs lovingly create our fantastic range of pies and ready meals in Oakham, the heart of rural Rutland. We source all of our ingredients as locally as possible and from trusted suppliers. We are very proud of our award winning products which are available from all our stores and a select group of other stockists.

Hand made in small batches

Quality is in the detail, and because we hand make
all our pies and ready meals in small amounts we can
make sure that every pie and meal tastes great!

Our shortcrust pastry pies

With 50 years of baking experience in our kitchen, we use traditional skills to ensure that each and every pie is perfect. We make our own pastry using the best flour and lard to ensure the crust is kept ‘short’, which means you get a pie crust that is delicious to eat!

What Makes them so good

  • Made by hand in small batches
  • Award winning recipes
  • Finest locally sourced ingredients
  • No added nasties
  • A range of over 12 different fillings
  • Hand filled to ensure each pie is perfect
  • Each batch is tasted for the best flavour
  • Bake from frozen for a true first baked result
  • Store at -18 C in a freezer and bake a beautiful meal at your convenience (don’t forget to egg wash them!)

Our Kitchen Made Frozen Ready Meals & Desserts

We produce a great range of ready meals, sides and desserts all freshly made by hand in our own kitchens in Oakham, Rutland. JP our resident chef is always enthusiastically looking for new recipes to develop in the kitchen for your table at home. Why not try them sometime the ideal time saving but great tasting meal.

Our Frozen Ready Meals

We produce our ready meals in the same way you make them at home. We make everything from scratch using locally sourced ingredients, the only difference is we use a slightly bigger saucepan! Once our meals have been cooked, we shock freeze them to seal in the freshness, ready for you to reheat in your oven.

What makes them so good

  • Made by hand in small batches
  • Finest locally sourced ingredients
  • All cooked from scratch
  • Hand filled and finished
  • Each batch is tasted for the best flavour
  • Frozen as soon as they are cool
  • Store at -18 C and cook from frozen whenever you like!

Sell Our Pies And Ready Meals In Your Store

If you would like to stock our range of frozen pies and ready meals in your store or for your catering operation, please click below for our contact details.

Award winning pork pies

We make a large range of pork pies and speciality pies in a range of sizes. From our classic (1lb) pork pies to our 12’’ cutting pies we cater for all occasions. Our greatest award achievements have been for our pork pies to date. Baking them in a ‘hoop’ reduces the thickness of the pastry and increases the meat and jelly content, rewarding your taste buds with more of the best bits.

Our Pork Pie Facts

  • Made in small batches by hand
  • Award winning recipes
  • Baked in a hoop to reduce thickness of the pastry.
  • Extra ‘Short’ pastry (means that fat to flour content is high resulting in the best pastry)
  • Hand filled and finished
  • Freshly available in store