About Our Farms

All our meat is guaranteed the best quality and flavour. Grown on our farms or from approved suppliers under high welfare and farming standards.

Our Farms

On the shores of Rutland Water, we grow naturally raised British native beef and lamb. We believe that traditional farming practises with a modern approach produce great tasting beef and lamb. Conservation and environmental integrity are the backbone of our farms, our stock is extensively grass fed, supplemented by home grown winter feed.

Our Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is a day to day priority, well handled calm animals produce tender tasty meat. We are committed to native British cattle breeds; Longhorn, Aberdeen Angus, Hereford and Lincoln Red; Hampshire Down and Scottish mule sheep. They suit our climate and landscape, slowly grown to mature to the best taste. Our pigs are mostly Large White and Gloucester Old Spots sourced on the farm in Lincolnshire. Extensively raised in straw filled barns, these breeds produce great tasting pork.

Our Beef & Lamb

We hang our beef and lamb to mature the taste and tenderise the meat to produce a higher quality of product. The beef is hung on the bone for minimum of 28 days, and the lamb is hung for seven days also on the bone, allowing time for the rich flavours to develop and for the meat to become incredibly tender. Once the maturation period is over our team of highly experienced butchers carefully bone the meat out to produce best quality joints, steaks and cuts for a taste, tenderness and succulence to remember.

Our Traditions

We have great tradition as butchers as well as the skills and experience to cure our own bacons and hams, produce our own sausages and traditional cooked meats and our wonderful pork and speciality pies. Food traditionally grown and produced for an outstanding taste.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2015.

Andrew and Jill Nelson owners of Hambleton Farms